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Our Philosophy & Purpose

We believe that corporate financial services are best performed from a CFO’s broad-based management
perspective within the context of your company’s overriding business objectives. It is our purpose to add value to your
company that exceeds the
cost of the services.


MIT Management Associates offers financial management services to businesses and nonprofits undergoing major transitions . Since 1983 we have provided services in two broad areas:

  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Financial Systems Integration

Our primary means of service-delivery is to provide an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who functions as part of a company's management team on an interim or on-going, part-time basis. In addition, certain services can be performed on a project basis. Clients have included growth firms, turnaround companies and nonprofit organizations.

 A Typical Client

  • Has $1 to $50 million in revenue,
  • Is experiencing rapid growth or other changes that leave it facing significant competitive opportunities and risks,
  • Recognizes the need to add a financial executive to its senior management team (or to bridge a gap while searching for a permanent CFO), and
  • Believes that there is substantial risk from not having a CFO but is faced with an immediate vacancy or perhaps the cost of hiring a full-time executive is not yet justified.
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